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Mercedes-Benz® Trucks Safety Assistance Systems

Safety should always come first, especially on the road. As of July 7, 2024, new standards for safety assistance systems will apply throughout the EU with the updated General Safety Regulation to increase general road safety. The declared goal of Mercedes-Benz® Trucks is to provide drivers with the best possible support on their journeys. The new and evolved safety assistance systems not only meet the standards applicable from 2024 but also exceed them! This marks another milestone on the road to accident-free driving.

Everyone on the road can use a little help from time to time. Mercedes-Benz® Trucks safety assistance systems are ready for this. Each one features unique capabilities to support in critical situations. The four showcased safety systems correspond to a selection of future system generations, which will be available for all models once the updated GSR specifications become binding. Let’s explore each safety assistance system and the advantages it provides. At Decatur Trailer Sales & Services, Inc., we couldn’t be more excited to present these innovations to you.

Active Sideguard Assist 2

The evolved Active Sideguard Assist in the second generation can support drivers across the entire speed range when changing lanes or turning with restricted visibility. In addition, the two-stage warning system can alert drivers to potential hazards so that they can mitigate a critical traffic situation in good time.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Monitoring on driver and front passenger side
  • Two-stage warning system when a hazard is detected (first visual information, then visual and audible warning)
  • Hazard detection and warning messages across the entire speed range
  • Active brake intervention when turning to the right (right-hand traffic) or left (left-hand traffic) in the speed range of up to 20 km/h if there is no reaction to visual and acoustic warning

Active Brake Assist 6

The sixth generation of Active Brake Assist offers enhanced environmental detection with its 270° fusion technology and six new sensors. Multi-lane monitoring ensures higher hazard detection. Active Brake Assist 6 is able to react even faster to critical situations, for example, when approaching stationary or flowing traffic – even on curves typical of motorways.

What’s more, the system detects stationary and moving people as well as both crossing and oncoming cyclists in the lane. If a potential collision is detected, Active Brake Assist 6 can react with automated emergency braking in the speed range of up to 60 km/h.

Advantages at a glance.

  • 270° environmental detection by camera technology as well as additional short-range sensors on the headlamps and to the side
  • Extended reaction to pedestrians and cyclists up to 60 km/h
  • Extended reaction and accident avoidance are possible when encountering moving and stationary vehicles in motorway-typical cornering situations
  • Significant reduction in accident severity at higher speeds is possible
  • Three-stage warning system once a hazard is identified: first a visual and audible warning, then partial braking, and finally automated emergency braking
  • Good availability in poor visibility thanks to radar technology

Front Guard Assist

Front Guard Assist monitors the traffic area in front of the vehicle and supports drivers when the vehicle is stationary and moving off, as well as at junctions. If the system detects stationary or moving objects in front of the vehicle, such as people, it supports the driver in driving situations up to 15 km/h with hazard messages via the two-stage warning system.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Active in driving situations up to 15 km/h
  • The monitoring range covers the blind spot in front of the vehicle (up to 4 m) across its full width.
  • Two-stage warning system when a hazard is detected (visual warning, then visual and audible warning)
  • Possible avoidance of an accident or reduction of accident severity within the system limits

Active Drive Assist 3

The perfect interplay between the various driving assistance functions of Active Drive Assist 3 increases driving comfort and contributes to improved road safety.

The latest generation, Active Drive Assist 3, provides drivers with even better longitudinal and lateral guidance for the truck. The Emergency Steering function is particularly new here: If Active Sideguard Assist 2 reports a risk of collision when changing lanes, Active Drive Assist 3 can actively counter-steer and, in so doing, steer the vehicle back into the center of the lane or its own lane.

The system also actively reacts to driver failures that may arise, for example, due to health problems: it detects inactivity and gently brings the vehicle to a stop.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Specially developed for driving on motorways
  • Works across the entire speed range
  • Automatic distance control with stop-and-go (moving off and stopping in traffic jams)
  • Automatic, continuous centering of the vehicle in the middle of the lane
  • Can prevent the vehicle from leaving its lane by means of active steering intervention
  • Can brake the vehicle moderately to a standstill in the event of driver inactivity
  • Can steer the vehicle back into its own lane if there is a risk of collision during a lane change

The Future is Upon Us—Trust Decatur Trailer Sales & Service Inc.

These technological innovations are exciting because they mean enhanced safety on the road and fewer accidents in the future. If you’re a driver in Decatur, IL, and you’re interested in learning more about these revolutionary safety assistance systems, contact Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. at 217.422.7179 or follow this link for quality information and video presentations: https://www.mercedes-benz-trucks.com/en_GB/buy/general-safety-regulation.html

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