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Specialized Semi-Trailer Repair & Maintenance in Decatur Illinois

When your semi-trailer experiences efficiency issues, it’s important to rely on a mechanic you can trust to get to the bottom of what is causing your trailer to feel neglected. At Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, we specialize in a range of repair and maintenance services for commercial vehicles in Decatur, IL and the surrounding areas. Keeping your trailer safe and reliable avoids road hazards and failed DOT inspections. Our mechanics have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry to perform routine maintenance and efficient repairs on semi-trailers of all sizes at our heavy-duty shop. Call today to schedule a service, and we’ll provide an estimate after a thorough inspection.

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Trailer Maintenance

Decatur Trailer Sales & Service is a full-service tractor-trailer maintenance shop in Central Illinois. We provide industry-approved maintenance on all trailer makes and models including light replacement, tire checks, oil changes, cleaning, and more. Our team of semi-trailer mechanics has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to get your semi-truck fully maintained and back on the road in the quickest possible timeframe and at a reasonable rate. By scheduling routine maintenance for your trailer, we guarantee you’ll experience minimal repairs, increased road safety, and better vehicle longevity.

Trailer Repair Services

At our shop in Decatur, IL we specialize in full-scale repair services for semi-trailers and commercial vehicles when your trailer requires professional intervention. Decatur Trailer Sales & Service has over 40 years of industry experience in offering complete repairs for all makes and models of semi-trailers. From axel repairs and brake replacement to lights and maintenance checks, our full-scale shop is the number one spot for commercial trailers in all Central IL. We’ll do a full diagnostic inspection and offer a 90-day warranty to ensure your semi-trailer is back on the road and fully operational at optimum performance.

trailer repair services near decatur illinois
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Trailer Brake Repair

If you notice that your air braking system is squeaking, grinding, or vibrating while driving, these are sure signs that your brakes need to be replaced. At Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, we specialize in brake repair services for commercial trailers at our full-service shop. When you’re operating a heavy-duty vehicle that relies on an air braking system to slow down, it’s important to ensure that you address brake concerns immediately to avoid safety accidents. From fluid leaks to warped rotors, our mechanics have decades of experience in the industry to identify issues with your brakes and offer professional repair services at an affordable rate.

Trailer Electrical Services

Your trailer’s electrical systems are essential to the efficiency and performance of your commercial vehicle. When the wiring on your trailer isn’t operating properly, your backlights are out, or your connectors aren’t installed correctly, it’s important to recognize these issues long before you get on the road to avoid safety accidents. At Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, we specialize in electrical service repair and inspection services for all trailer makes and models in Central IL. Our experienced technicians are here to ensure your vehicle’s electrical systems operate as they should to keep you, your truck, and other vehicles safe on the road. Schedule an electrical repair or maintenance service from our mechanics today.

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