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The Best Trucking Stories We Could Find

Here at Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, we love semi-trucks and the professionals who drive them. So, we can’t get enough of the on-the-road experiences truckers share with us at our diesel mechanic shop. We realized many intriguing stories and trucker tales must be outside Decatur, IL. It turns out we were right. Here are a few of the best stories we found.

Military Maneuvers Gone Wrong

One long-haul trucker took a detour in Utah, landing him in the middle of nowhere. He bunked down for the night in his rig about 40 miles from the nearest town. Around 4 am, someone messing with his truck’s air and power cables woke him. Then something weighty climbed up the back of his vehicle. By then, he was picturing a bear or a mountain lion. He banged heavily on his cab wall, adrenaline pumping, trying to scare the predator. To his surprise, a human voice responded, then about 15 more guys yelled. The trucker had fallen asleep at the site of an Army Reserves training exercise. Their mission? Find an abandoned truck and secure it. The “planted” vehicle was three miles further down the road, but the soldiers came upon his rig first. They all laughed at the coincidence once they sorted out the error.

Highway Robbery Avoided

Most truckers are vigilant, helpful, and friendly. But, unfortunately, criminals prey on kindness. Happily, this hotshot freight driver was forewarned when he came upon two people lying across the road around 2 am. He maneuvered around them and prepared to stop to check on the situation. Then, he remembered the warning a greybeard co-worker gave him in the past. He told him about the “people traps” in remote areas where criminals lie in wait in the bushes nearby. So, he decided to keep trucking down the road – hazard avoided. He even saw the two people hop up and leave the road as he drove off.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Morris worked for a local trucking company that assigned different trucks to its drivers for their shifts. Happily, he had learned the value of inspecting his truck before every trip during his CDL license training. That policy showed its worth one day when he was assigned a supposedly pre-inspected truck. Yet his inspection revealed several issues, from missing mud flaps to low antifreeze and a disconnected exhaust system! Imagine the hazards he would have faced. Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. also values regular maintenance and timely semi-truck repair service.

Buggy Driving

This trucker tale takes place far from Decatur on the roads of northern Arizona. A trucker was surprised to see tons of “leaves” scattered across the road ahead of her. However, as she got closer, she realized they were thousands of migrating tarantulas! The truck slid around a bit as the road was thick with arachnids. They left their mark, too – guts and legs plastered on her truck’s inside wheel well. Her unlucky co-driver was responsible for cleaning it up when he awoke. 

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