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How Many Miles Will a Powerstroke Engine Last?

Have you heard of the Powerstroke diesel engine? If you’re curious to learn more about it, read on to find out if a Powerstroke engine could be a good fit for your truck.

This blog is purely educational. Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. does not provide sales or service Powerstroke engines for diesel pickup trucks.

What is a Powerstroke Engine?

To put it technically, a Powerstroke Engine is an electrically controlled, direct injection engine with a 4.11 in x 4.18 in bore and stroke, creating a displacement of 7.3 L. It has a 17:5:1 compression ratio and a dry weight of nearly 920 pounds.

Since 1994, diesel engines for trucks have been produced by the Ford Company and called by the name Powerstroke. From that year on, the Powerstroke engine family existed as a re-branding of engines produced by Navistar International for medium-duty truck lines. Ford has designed and produced diesel engines since introducing the 6.7 Powerstroke V8 in 2011. Today, Ford’s 7.3-liter Powerstroke is considered one of the best diesel engines ever made.

The 6.7 L Powerstroke

The 6.7 L Powerstroke has undergone years of production and has proven it can go well beyond the 200,000-mile mark with few repairs. This engine can easily reach 300,000 or even 400,000 miles if you adhere to the services Ford recommends for the engine’s maintenance. Such services include ensuring both fuel filters are changed at the suggested interval and that the CP4.2 high-pressure fuel pump always gets quality fuel free from contaminants. The biggest hindrance comes down to emissions system-related failures. EGR coolers and valves, DPF and/or SCR systems, and various sensors throughout the systems for emissions control can all potentially lead to necessary repairs, from minor to significant. Still, this engine is incredibly durable and resilient and can withstand extremely harsh environments. Take good care of it, and it will take good care of you.

The 7.3 L Powerstroke

With regular professional maintenance, the 7.3L engine can easily outlive its project lifespan of 350,000-400,000. Minor issues are common with this engine, like a malfunctioning pressure valve or leaking pipe, but complete engine failure is extremely rare. The 7.3 L engine holds up exceptionally well when regular maintenance is administered to help it perform its best. If you drive a truck for your job and travel in harsh conditions and on difficult roads, our experts guarantee this engine will keep up with the demands of your vehicle and get you safely to your destination. If you take care of your engine, you can expect it to last 400,000 miles and beyond.

How to Get the Most out of Your Powerstroke

Has the Powerstroke piqued your interest? This Ford diesel engine is extremely powerful. Whether you’re considering buying a Powerstroke or have been driving one for years, you may be concerned about its longevity. You want to ensure you’re getting a good deal, so how far can you expect this engine to go?

A well-maintained engine is more likely to exceed even the impressive estimations! Consider taking the following steps to get the most out of your Powerstroke engine:

  • Change Your Oil
  • Change Your Fuel Filter
  • Install a Coolant Filter Kit
  • Upgrade Your Head Gaskets & Studs

Watch Out for the 3 T’s and Seek Professional Service for Your Engine

In addition to maintaining your Powerstroke engine, you must be aware of the factors that can shorten its lifespan. These are called the 3 T’s, which refers to heavy towing, oversized tires, and performance tuning.

Truck owners want to get the most out of their engine’s performance. If you follow these guidelines and invest in professional maintenance with a local auto mechanic, you will enjoy your Powerstroke to the fullest—for many years and miles!

Even though Decatur Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. does not work on pickup trucks, we do provide top-notch diesel engine services for semi-trucks and trailers in Decatur, Illinois. We will happily help anyone who drives a semi with their service needs. If you drive a semi as your profession, contact us today through our website or call 217.422.7179 to schedule reliable service.

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